Renewal Performance Assurance for Benchtop Instruments (2-year contract)

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Part# PerfPro-2yr-R

This is the Program Renewal Option for HunterLab's top-of-the line service and support package designed to provide an additional 2 years of "worry free" system operation for Benchtop instruments.
Program is available for instruments from the date of the original purchase until an instrument is 7 years old.  Instruments 6 years or older are not eligible for contract renewal or initiation.

The renewal package includes:
1) Preventive Maintenance Service (2 Additional)
2) Calibration Verification Service (2 Additional)
3) Extended Full Instrument Warranty* (2 Additional years)
4) Enhanced Technical Support by phone or fax (2 years)
5) Discounts provided on software upgrades purchased during contract period

Available for the following sensors:
- ColorQuest XE
- ColorQuest XT
- LabScan XE
- UltraScan PRO
- UltraScan VIS
- D25 NC
- Vista

Additional Details:
1) This program is only available for customers with existing Performance Assurance packages about to expire.
2) Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Verification Services are scheduled and performed during the second year of the Performance Assurance program contract.
3) Customers have a choice of service location: HunterLab Service Center or at customer site.
4) Service Center Services include Instrument White Tile recalibration and certification.
5) Extended Warranty begins at the expiration of Original Instrument Warranty.
6) Instrument Warranty claims must be returned to HunterLab factory for this service. Shipping and insurance expenses are the responsibility of the customer.
Contact HunterLab for a Service Repair Order (SRO).

*Extended Full Instrument Warranty Terms – HunterLab warrants that all instruments it manufactures will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the term of the contract.  Our obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any defective parts which our examination discloses to have been factory defective when returned to us by pre-paid transportation.  HunterLab warranty does not cover expendable items such as D25 lamps, batteries, memory sticks, sample cups, etc.  The warranty is void if the user has made unauthorized repairs, performed improper installation, or has incorrectly used the instrument.